London Calling

petition to get Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone together in a movie

written by Tina Fey

narrated by morgan freeman

Guest starring Ellen Degeneres

soundtrack by Beyonce

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I had a dream my life would beSo different from this hell I’m livingSo different now from what it seemedNow life has killed the dream I dreamed.
oh Mount Clare

As I was shuttled to my housing building, I was kinda far from campus. Just my luck. I got the building that was farthest of course. I stepped into my room. It was smelly and dirty. I was so disappointed. I guess I had to high expectations. I was sad and just sat there. I didn’t have the password to the wifi because my college never emailed me. So I sat there with no wifi and all I wanted to do was call my mom. I didn’t even know how to get back to main campus. I felt stranded and all I did was cry. I finally realized that was strong and independent and crying would not get me anywhere. I got up and walked to the nearest Café with wifi. I skyped my mom and talked to her. I also contacted Tom who I will talk about him later. I have got settled in now. It is so quiet here. I barely hear anyone. Not the dorming experience I was expecting. The people here are nice and all but I want to get to know them at least. The kitchen is kinda small but Im used to it. My room is actually really big but cold as the freaking arctic. I have to layer up to sleep. Im all unpacked and its kinda homey now. I asked to move but there were no more room’s available womp. But im ready for the challenge. I know a lot about the bus system and sometimes I take the bus to class when its really cold or raining. Yah its ok, not terrible. I’ll live:)

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Sometimes we all need to disappear.
Now, where to go?

And THAT’S hit the nail on the head.  

The view from Unilever House x
the start to my adventure!

Ok so for the whole time I was preparing for my trip I was so scared about going through customs, and navigating to my flight ok. It went really well. I was scared for nothing. My flight was at 7:40pm at JFK International Airport. My mother and my boyfriend and I were on the road about 3. I live in CT, which is not that far from NY. I slept on the way up. I didn’t eat anything that day because I was so nervous. I was such procrastinated packing. I finally had everything ready. I had my two big purple suitcases, and my carryon rolling bag. We got there and I was so built up with so many emotions. I was happy, sad, excited, nervous, and devastated that I was leaving them. We had pizza and I starting crying thinking I was leaving soon. I checking in and got my luggage dropped off. Everything was under weight. My mom and boyfriend got past the part where they weren’t supposed too. They dropped me off at security. It was so hard. I tried my hardest not to cry. As I walked in, I felt scared yet amazing that I was starting my journey. I went through security fine.


I boarded my plane and it went ok. I sat on the aisle seat. The girl next to me warned me that she would always need to get up to stretch her legs. There goes sleeping on the plane. I also met the most amazing girl on the plane that was studying abroad too. Her name is Alexia and shes actually not that far from me. We plan to hang out soon. Im excited.


I got off the plane and we adventured through customs and I got questioned so hard but I got through. Roehampton met me at the airport. We took a bus from Heathrow to Roehampton and settled in and got our housing. I am placed in Mount Clare but ill explain it more in another post.





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Snow covered London. Pretty.
Starting from packing

I had a nice packing list and barely followed it. Being here now, I can say ive packed too much. Packign was hard for me. I brought stuff that I have bought and never worn so I brought it with me so I would actually wear it. womp not the case. But yah I brought the usual layerable clothes.

  • Cardigans 
  • hoodies 
  • couple pairs of jeans
  • boots
  • my sperrys
  • yoga pants
  • sweats

yup basic stuff but too much. I decided to roll my clothes which worked well. i brought two big suitcases which wasnt too bad to move around with. i also brought a space bag with my comforter, sheets, two pillows, towels and hoodies in. it saved me so much space and im so happy I did. Glad I didnt have to buy all that stuff. But yah heres a picture of my attempted packing. 

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Can you tell I really suck running this blog

im sorrryyyy:/ ive been here since the 3rd and havent wrote anything im kinda mad at myself. ive already been here for 20 days and that blows my mind! I need to go out and do more stuff. Seriously ive blinked and its been 20 days:/ but yah im going to start writing from the beginning of what i can remember and show pictures and all that stuff since i started packing. Yup so here we go. Hopefully  I will stop being lazyy and write this!! 

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